The 4 Best 4k Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X

Xbox One is a gaming console which was introduced by Microsoft in 2013. It meets up all the requirements needed for gamers. It is the inheritor of Xbox 360.It is also offer HDMI so you can also run your TV through Xbox One. It required update on daily basis. Xbox One is better for window 8 so if you have device with this operating system you could share your pictures through SkyDrive to console. Because of this system you can see your pictures and videos through console. It also comes up with Skype. You can receive audio or video calls while playing game.

LG 27UK650-W
It is the best gaming monitor with 4k resolution. It comes up with modern and stylish design with 27 inches screen. Its viewing angles are wide and best for lighted rooms. Unfortunately, not so good with dark rooms due to lack of Black Insertion frame. Monitor’s refresh rate is 60Hz and having very low input lag. It holds up with Free sync technology that prevent screen tearing and provide immersive images. Its High Dynamic Range does not provide extensive range of colors which effect on the brightness of monitors. It is only good for gaming. Its price is $426.99.

ASUS Pro Art
It is the best budget-friendly monitors that comes up with 27 inches screen. It has 1440p IPS with spacious viewing variety. It works efficiently in the brightest mode and ability to grip reflection. Its response time is 75Hz provide a smooth image rather than a 60Hz refresh rate. It bears up Free sync tech with a Variable refresh rate (VRR) that prevents screen stuttering. It is also amicable with NVIDIA’s G sync but not run when VRR is on. It also supports the Black insertion Frame but it is optional with a 180-degree twist range. The main flaw is the lack of HDR because it cannot work proficiently in dark rooms. Its rate is only $299.00 + $396.92 Shipping & Import Fees.

Acer Nitro XV273
It is the best to monitor for Xbox one comes up with a 1080 resolution. Its performance is impressively excellent for gaming. Its refresh rate is 240 Hz. Response time much high with low input lag as compared to other TV monitors. If you are using it in a bright light room despite of low resolution it delivers good quality of image without tearing it with bright peaks. Its inspecting slants are vast. It is having Free Sync natively and built-in speakers. The only downside is that it has a low contrast ratio although they are offering HDR10. It is having one display port two HDMI and 4 USB port. Its price is $490.56 + $524.42 including shipping and import fee.

If you wanted a big screen for gaming then it is best for you. It is not having wide angles in comparison to other monitors. But as a substitute for that it is having Vertical Align VA panel and it works competently in dark rooms. Its price is $449.99 + $517.47. Its refresh rate is 60Hz. It is only worthy if you want a big screen.

For more models, go ahead and check out these Xbox One X Monitors Here.

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