An Ultimate Guide for TV Streaming Service

Whether you want to watch your favorite tv shows on your own time or tired up waiting for the next episode to broadcast on ordinary cable TV. There are limitless benefits of moving toward streaming service and saying no more to your ordinary cable tv.

The demand for tv streaming services is on the rise and everyone is signing up for them. So there are more than 200 services available to select from. Choosing the right service for yourself can be a hectic process and some of the beginners do not know actually what is streaming services and what things you need to make it work.

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know before getting a streaming service for your tv.

First of let us tell you that getting streaming is not a difficult task, and if you think that you will need to spend a hefty amount of money for hardware devices to make it work then you are wrong.

Most of the modern households already have a smart tv if not you can convert your ordinary tv to smart by purchasing a smart device, and the last thing that you need is an internet connection that is already we have at our homes.

What are the things you need for Tv Streaming?

Fast Internet:

An immersive streaming experience starts with a good internet connection. If you do not have a required internet speed for video streaming you will be facing video still and pixeled pictures resulting in an unacceptable experience. As a rule, higher internet speed will be able to provide you better video quality.

In order to watch tv streaming in the standard definition, you will need to have at least 3Mbps speed connection, while for HD is 5 MBps and 4K required at least 25 Mbps internet connection.

The standard definition is an old type of picture quality and it was common before 2014. but after that, all broadcasters started to move higher picture quality. at the moment you will find high definition picture quality most commonly.

Streaming Devices, Consoles, or Smart TV:

You can get a streaming device under $50, There are many devices available on the market that has a similar interface to smart-phones and have the ability to install all the apps required.  Whether you want to have Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming service you just need to install the app and login with your credentials and you can start watching.

Be aware, that none of all devices are able to provide 4K quality video so make sure before buying the one that the device can support such resolution or not. And if you are going for an HD resolution, most of these devices support this resolution. We think there are none of the devices being manufactured to this date that only supports standard definition.

Smart TVs are the most popular way to access streaming services, but each manufacturer varies the hardware and software in their televisions to work it. So it is quite possible that might support some of the apps but others not. So if you face this problem you can grab a streaming device any time and by plugging into your TV’s HDMI port you can resolve such problem

Modern gaming consoles like Xbox and Playstation have modern hardware and software these days and their user interface is also quite similar to that we already have with smart-phones. They give you the possibility to install apps to like a phone in your hand. If you do have any modern console at your home, you do not need to spend money on the streaming devices instead you can use them to install streaming apps and start watching streaming videos.

What is the best tv streaming service you get?

Before deciding the service, you know to short-list what kind of content you want to watch. Each streaming service has exclusive content to get a competitive edge. If you want to replace the cable tv so you can watch the same channels, you need to get to know what service is offering the channels that you like. At the moment, youtube TV, Apple TV, and Hulu Tv are the top picks for replacing the cable tv due to their vast range of live tv channels availability. Furthermore, if you do not find what you are looking for on the above-mentioned services, perhaps you will need to go through the complete list of tv streaming services.

Should I get a streaming device if I already have a smart tv?

Getting a streaming device like a Roku Tv or Apple Tv is always a better choice instead of relying only on your smart-tv. Firstly, If you only rely on smart tv it’s common they come with a hand full apps that are already installed and compatible with your tv while installing a new one can not be compatible with it and you might end up with a limited amount of choices to get services. If you have a streaming device you might install any app as it is designed merely for watching streaming tv and they are always updated so they may keep supporting all the streaming services.

The other benefit you get with a streaming device is that you get a better user interface with it than a smart-tv. Instead of opening every service app to check either your desired title is available there or not. you just need to search on a single place with the device and it will tell you which service is offering the desired title you may want to watch.

Can you watch streaming services on TV’s having not an HDMI port?

If you are wondering that you will need to buy a new tv because you do not have an HDMI port that connects a streaming device to your TV. Then let us allow you to save money. The good news is that you can get a streaming device called Roku Express and it is the only streaming device available till the date that has support for the older red green black connectors as they are common in older televisions.

But you can get an HDMI to RCA cable connector to if you do have a plan to go with another device than stated above. With this cable, you will be able to connect any streaming device to your older television.


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