An Ultimate Guide for True Wireless Earbuds

Truly Wireless Earbuds are the most influential invention in this decade for music lovers. You simply need to put the two earpieces in your ears without getting yourself tangles up in wires. They have changed the way we enjoy music and helped to make music stay in our pockets when outdoors.

As time is passing on, The manufacturers are releasing better models with improved sound performance, better battery life, and a variety of features that could stunt us. Similarly, there are also products available on the market that are not good enough and should be avoided at any cost. A beginner buyer could not differentiate between the good ones and bad ones. That is the reason we have compiled a guide where you will be educated about all the things you need to know before picking up your best true wireless earbuds.

You will be surprised to know that the major feature for selecting earbuds is not sound performance nor battery life but how they fit in the ears. The small plastic earpieces fit in our outer ears and some of them also get into your ear canal. It is a common truth that every one of us has a different size of ears. If one earbud results comfortable for other people it is not possible that you will feel the same having the same model for yourself. The best way to find out is by trying them yourself which is not easy. And let me add that wearing someone else’s earbud seems like a gross to me.

According to health professionals, Wearing someone else’s earbuds can give you a bacterial infection. It is better to stay away from this idea of testing. When testing the used earbuds, it is suggested to disinfect it will alcohol wipes. Many stores that are out there won’t allow you to try their new items to try on as they can not afford a dedicated to staff or cost of wiping them after each use of the sample model. Even though, Apple has an available facility for this. If you have made up your mind to test their AirPods Pro. They allow you to test them and have a team for disinfecting them. They probably wipe with alcohol after each testing customer.

If you are not going for the Airpods, There are many online stores that provide return policy. We suggest you carefully read their return policy and you can return them if you feel they are not for you. For example, Best Buy has a return policy and they deduct 15% fees of its price when you return them.

Finding the exact match of earpieces for your ear size is very necessary. If the size is not according to your ears it might create multiple problems. Firstly, if earpieces are even slightly smaller they will keep falling to the ground whether you are using them while running exercise or just bend to your knees bind up your shoelaces. Additionally, if they are bigger, you will feel pressure and after a few minutes, the ears will hurting you. Moreover, if you do not choose the correct size of earbud they will not sound good as they should. In order to experience the best sound performance, they should be fitted correctly so they can send sound waves directly to your eardrums instead of losing them.

To make wire-free earbuds, companies embedded many parts inside each earpiece. They have speaker drivers, batteries, and other necessary electronic parts compressed inside them. Adding these parts resulted in increasing weight. When deciding the earbud, you should keep eye on its weight. The heavier models can give your ears a sense of fatigue which could give you uncomfortable experience. Choosing the lightest one should be a good option. There are many good earbuds available that are so light-weight that even after wearing for some time you will feel like you are not wearing anything.

The truly wireless earbuds are designed for the portability, Why would you buy them if you can not take them outdoors with you. Since they are small but companies have done their best to put a good battery life without increasing its weight. A premium earbud can easily give you 4 to 5 hours of battery back up. We know this is not a good battery timing for such a piece of device. To assist the battery life, earbuds come with a charging case. This charging case gives additional battery life required by the user when outdoors and the best part is that they can quick-charge your earbuds in a matter of minutes that can last for a few hours. For instance, Airpods with 15 minutes of charging in their case give you easily 3 hours of backup time. I don’t think 15 minutes break after 3 hours of music is a deal-breaker. When looking for this feature you should always consider how much battery life earbuds can give after each charge and how many hours it’s charging case can hold. And the important thing to know is doing it provides quick charging, if yes how many hours of battery timing you can get on how many minutes of charging case. In this department, you will need to use a calculator for sure.

Since earbuds are a device that we put inside ears, they should look good. The build quality should be a concerning matter too.  A good pair of earbuds possess high-quality material. Almost, all of them are built with plastic but the variety of qualities are being used for this purpose. The most common material is polycarbonate and polyester. The earbuds should have a sturdy build and minimum joints to provide maximum reliability. As they are going to face worse kinds of wear and tear. A user will put in and out them inside ears for millions of times and surely they should also bear drops to the ground too. You do not want them to break over first accidentally fall from ears as it is common to face such kind of situations. The electronic parts inside them should be fitted carefully so they could face falls.

The choice of designs varies from person to person. Some people would like to go for bolder designs while some would like to have favorite colored earbuds inside their ears. Most models come without any option of colors. For instance, Airpod Pro only comes with white color and only a single designer. You don’t get a choice when buying them. A few brands provide limited colors. The Jabra Elite 75t is the best example of it. They are available five different theme colors which are mint, titanium black, copper black, navy, and gold beige. We must say all of these colors shows boldness and looks good. But females would like to have more bright colors so there many pairs of earbuds mostly in pink colors are available too.

When Apple surprised its customers with the launch of the iPhone 7 that it won’t have a popular 3.55mm audio jack, There was out-sized confusion among consumers. Every Apple fan was wondering now how they are going to use their wired headphones with their iPhones. We must admit that it was a revolutionary step taken by Apple. At that time, The wireless technology responsible for streaming audio from smart-phone to headphone was considered notorious as compared to wired. The older Bluetooth versions were providing limited transfer rates resulted heavily compressed audio and losing most of the signals in this step. As modern all true wireless earbuds use Bluetooth to replace the older audio jacks. It is a major factor in the final sound performance of your headphones. In the next part of this guide, you will find out everything you need to know about it.

The Importance of Bluetooth in Modern True Wireless Earbuds

Bluetooth Audio Streaming is known as the backbone of modern true wireless earbuds that we use today. When looking for a new pair of truly wireless earbuds you might find manufacturers bragging about that the pair comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version. They claim that the latest version provides more bandwidth and range for the earbuds. Most of these claims are true. But merely Bluetooth version does not promise you that the headphones will perform great.

The major improvements in the newer version of Bluetooth have major updates that are beneficial for other devices that work on it like smart home devices, smartwatches, and fitness trackers. This version provided more energy-efficient operations thus saving more battery life for such kind of devices and many more improvements. But when it comes to wireless headphones, They use different Bluetooth protocol specifically for audio streaming that is called Basic Data Rate or Enhanced Data Rate. Unfortunately, There was not any improvement in this protocol with the latest Bluetooth 5.0.  So could say that instead of looking for the Bluetooth version the buyer should be more concerned about the codec.

Bluetooth simply does not directly stream your music files to true wireless earbuds. The music files are compressed and encoded in your streaming device before sending them to your true wireless earbuds. Then, the received data is decoded to its original form by headphones and played. If the compression ratio is higher, the data transfer rate is lower thus the sound performance is hurt. In contrast, when the compression ratio is lower, the sound quality is better.

Many codecs for this process are in practice. Different brands are trying to pick the best suitable codec for their products. We will go through them now and explain to you what codecs provide the best sound performance and which ones are safe for you. But before moving forward it is worth mentioning, if a specific codec type is supported by a true wireless earbud, you should make sure that the same codec is also supported by your streaming device whether it is a smart-phone or simply just an audio streaming device. If a good codec is supported by your headphones but smart-phone is not compatible with it. all the efforts will go in vain and it won’t be able to provide promised sound performance.

The Best Audio Codecs for True Wireless Earbuds

SBC (Sub Band Coding) is the most basic codec that is available in all of the streaming devices like smart-phones, mp3 players, tablets, or any other device that feature an audio connection over Bluetooth. If not any other codec is compatible with your setup, this one is going to automatically apply for the connection to make wireless audio streaming possible. Since it is a basic version of codec there are many problems you might find. Firstly, the sound quality is not as good as compared to other good codecs. The audio might stutter and the sync or also called audio delay might be a problem when this codec is in action. We suggest you avoid this codec as much as possible.

AAC is known for its widely used in all Apple products. Not only they are being used in all Apple major products like iPhone, Tablets, Mac Books but they can be also found in their proprietary true wireless earbuds Airpods and Beats Pro. This is the only high-quality Codec that is adopted by Apple other than basic SBC. This codec provides far better sound quality without issues like audio delay, audio stuttering, or sound performance.  Many other headphones and smart-phones makers are also adopting this codec to ensure better quality over SBC.

aptX/aptX HD/ aptX LL all these three codecs are proprietary of the major chipmaker Qualcomm. You will find these codecs in most of Android smart-phones. This codec is a direct competitor to the AAC and provides efficient audio streaming at the best fidelity possible. Other than that if you are concerned about the audio delay problem and it is hurting your movie watching experience or gaming experience you should try to find a true wireless earbud specifically supporting aptX LL. This codec provides the lowest latency rate on the market at the moment and it will solve all your audio delay problems. Bang & Olufsen E8 Wireless Earbuds is a good choice if you want to have an aptX codec.

LDAC is the most premium codec you might find on the market. This codec is the property of Sony and you will find it in most of the headphones made by the same brand. This codec provides the highest data transfer rate possible with the slightest compression resulting in far better audio quality comparing to its alternatives. This codec is being assembled in all newer Android Oreo phones but it is difficult to find this codec in truly wireless earbuds other than made by Sony. The Sony WI1000X is a great neckband wireless earbuds and it possesses the LDAC codecs.

True wireless earbuds resulted inconvenient for use by removing annoying cables but every new change brings a few disadvantages along with benefits. The most encountered issue by users is the pairing. The most of headphones needed to pair with the smart-phones after every disconnection. It is probably irritating for everyone to visit the settings menu each time to connect with truly wireless earbuds. Most of the time true wireless earbuds will connect easily while other times they will take too long to connect or sometime probably completely fail. Since this problem hurt its overall experience. The manufacturers have taken steps to overcome this problem.

Apple answered to this problem with their W1 chip. It makes the pairing process quick and easy. A notification bar appears on your screen and you simply need to tap on the connect button for this pairing process. With the help of this additional feature, all true wireless earbuds seamlessly connect or pair. When buying headphones or true wireless earbuds for Apple products you must make sure that it supports the W1 chip quick pairing process. The Airpods and Beats Pro already come embedded with this feature.

The android resolved this problem by their fast pairing method. This system works the same as Apple. Whenever supporting headphones or true wireless earbuds are in range, a notification bar appears on the screen asking to pair with the device. This system is also convenient.

There is one more technology available for this solution called near field communication aka NFC. It works as the same mechanism. When an audio device is near the device a notification bar appears on the screen, simply accepting the pair you can start listening to music being played on the mobile phone with it.

To make wireless connections convenient, there is one additional feature that is quite popular among headphones these days called multipoint. In this process, the headphones can be paired with more than one audio source. This feature saves you from the hassle of switching between audio sources when you want to use your true wireless earbuds with a smart-phone as well as a laptop or tv too. For the advanced multi-point feature various brands provide dedicated apps that make this process more convenient for users.

The Best True Wireless Earbuds in The World

As reported in hip digital media recommended the best true wireless earbuds, Sony Wf-1000 Xm3 is the most advanced and feature-rich true wireless earbuds that you can get today. They are available in two colors black and silver, both these colors look good. The build quality is high-end and looks made with premium material. The 10 minutes of quick charging with its case provide you 1.5 hours of back up time. The charging case can hold for up to 24 hours of battery life that is considered quite huge when compared to other models. three sizes of rubber silicon provided with them that ensures it’s correct fitting. If you are a quick technology picker and looking to get the most advanced earbuds Sony WF-1000 XM3 is the true wireless earbuds that you need to order. The starting price for this true wireless earbud is $228 according to amazon which makes them among expensive price range but the rich features and its quality in each department explain their cost.

The other worth mentioning model is Jabra Elite 75t. They are known for their versatility of fitting in almost every ear. The longer battery life and good sound performance prove it’s $199 cost. The earpieces give you 7.5 hours of battery life on a single charge and with its charging case you get 28 hours of battery back up. Their secure fit design makes the best options if you are concerned for the drop from ears and if you think you need an earbud that can face the force of your rigorous exercise. When they come to colors, they are being shipped with 5 attractive colors which are mint, navy, copper black, gold beige, and titanium black. The two colors titanium black and copper black are quite popular among buyers and make a bold statement when wearing them.

The Best Value of Money True Wireless Earbuds: Cambridge Audio Melomania

If you think the high-end true wireless earbuds are not for you and would like to have an inexpensive option from a reputable brand. At the price of $99, you get the best budget true wireless earbuds that not only contain long enough battery life but the sound is near to the top of the line choices. Cambridge Audio is a British brand and they have introduced a good budget true wireless earbuds named Cambridge Audio Melomania.

They have two colors black and stone and both look good. When they come to connectivity, they have Bluetooth 5.0 that not only gives you a smooth pairing connection but 90 feet of a wireless range that is more than compared to even top models available on the market. The battery life is also a winning point you get with them. The company claims they provide you a total of 45 hours of playtime when powered with it’s charging case. A full charged casing provides you 4 cycles of recharging the earbuds and with the quick charging, its charging case can be fully loaded with power under 2 hours. Each cycle of recharging ear-pieces gives you 9 hours of back up time that is more than enough. We think this is the best battery life you can get if we compare them to other competitors in the market at this price range. Even some of the high-end models do not give you such type of backup time when it comes to power.

We found them a very attractive choice for the people who are tight in the pocket and still looking for great truly wireless earbuds. Their longer battery life, 90 feet wireless range, and price tag make them grab at first sight earbuds.

The Best True Wireless Earbuds for Apple Fans: Airpods Pro

We understand Apple created an echo-system and most loyal consumers won’t want to leave it. They believe in the high-quality products from Apple that are taken care of precisely. These Apple fans would be better if they go for the brand’s own truly wireless earbuds instead of going to the door of any other brand. And there is nothing they are going to miss. This truly wireless earbud is feature-rich and a great piece that is still one of the best on the market.

They follow Apple’s original white color and have great build quality. They look like built with high-grade material that you can find in any other premium earbuds. We get 24 hours of battery life through its charging case and earpieces can provide you 5 hours of battery back up time with each recharge. They have also taken care of quick charge and with only 5 minutes of rest in the case, Earpieces can give you 60 minutes of battery back up.

Overall, the sound performance is up to the mark. Each instrument in the soundtrack can be heard separately with the highest possible sound performance. Whether you are listening to songs or watching a movie the sound is crystal clear and without any sound stuttering.

At the cost of $211, you can get them from Amazon. They come with 3 sizes of rubber silicon tips that ensure they are fitted securely. We admire how Apple has taken care of each detail in them and at this price range, they are still one of the best choices to get pick especially if you want to use them with Apple Products.

The Benefits of True Wireless Earbuds

How many times it happened that you wanted to listen to the new episodes of podcasts or wanted to go out for the jogging but when you grab your piece of earbuds you find their wires tangled in hundreds of ways. just looking at them makes you frustrating. When you start to unknot them it feels like they are going to take forever. Such kind of situations was that made many people want to get rid of cables.

Once you have taken care of the knotting problem, you want to do your other tasks while wearing them. For instance, you want to go for running and suddenly they get pulled out of your ears. All these situations make your listening experience worse and your whole mood is ruined just because of these wires that you need to take care of. This is not the case with the newer true wireless earbuds, they not only have wires between the audio source and earbuds but the wire between both earpieces are also taken care of. Luckily, The truly wireless earbuds have solved this problem of wires and all users have a sense of relief with them. They not only provide wire-free experience but secure fit promises that won’t pull out from your ears when you are doing forceful actions.

They look good on your ears. Instead of looking like a techy person with wires on your shoulders, they work like jewelry and look good while wearing them. The companies have taken care of this department and tried their best to make good looking not only convenient. Each model comes with a different set of beautiful colors.

The longer battery backups have made them really portable. Most of the true wireless earbuds give you complete 24 hour day backup time along with its charging cases which is more than enough time for most of the usages.

There are also downsides to them that you need to keep your eyes on. Firstly, they can be lost easily. Due to their tiny size, it is very easy to lose them so always make it sure that you put them back in their cases when not in use. Even if one earpiece is lost, you will lose the whole of them.

The cost at the moment is high as compared to ordinary earbuds with wires. but with time, new brands and competitors are coming in the game and making them less pricey. Still, at this moment, you can get plenty of great-sounding true wireless earbuds under $100. but more price slashes are expected in the future.

Both earpieces have batteries inside them and it is impossible to replace them when it wears off. When it happens, the solution is to drop them and buy new ones. Since they involve constant battery recharge to use them, the batteries are pronto deteriorating after some time. You can not get any earbud that will promise you lifetime battery but instead investing in high-end models can give you a long time with the batteries instead of cheaper ones.

You need to charge them constantly for making work. Unlike the wired earbuds that do not need any kind of recharging as they don’t involve batteries inside them. This is a major downside of getting true wireless earbuds but this problem can be solved by aiming for the models that provide better backup time so you do not need to charge them often. Always select the true wireless earbuds that give you a good battery back up time and have a charging case that has a feature to make your earpieces powered again with quick charging.

There are also some models that are water-proof. These models are specifically designed for the sportspeople who like pump up their heart rate with the inspiring music to boost their exercise performance.

Overall, we must say that this invention has won the hearts of people by solving their wire problem and given a great type of experience. That’s the reason they have taken over the market so quickly and you will find everyone wearing them on the road while commuting. They not only are the perfect companions for listening to music but also give you the facility of commanding your smart-phone with the help of smart assistance. Even though they need good care but still people are opting for them over wired models and it seems like the wired earbuds are the past now and no one wants to take them anymore.

What Is Noise Cancelling Feature in True Wireless Earbuds and Its Applications

As the name suggests of this luxury feature, It simply blocks all the noise from your surrounding so you can listen to your favorite music without any disturbing ambient sounds. This feature is quite common in over-ear headphones but now true wireless earbuds have also joined the race and started to introduce models with this feature. That not only allow it easy to make phone calls in a crowded environment easy but also make your music listening experience to a new level. The idea is inspired by the headsets used in the first class of airplanes. If you have traveled in the first-class seats, they provide you headsets that block jet engine’s roaring sound and make your travel experience great.

In earbuds, The active noise cancellation is in operation which catches sound waves from the environment and cancels them with the specific chip fitted inside them for this purpose. At the moment, this feature is considered as a luxury one and it is not common. You may find this feature merely inside expensive earbuds but still, you might want to find how does it perform in those models that you purchase.

With the help of noise-canceling, calling in a noisy environment is like a breeze. These dedicated noise-canceling earbuds not only come with ear speakers but also microphones that can clear out the ambient sounds and you can hear the voice of only caller not the people around yourself nor the caller will hear the noise.

According to health workers, The noise can be harmful to your ears as well as brain health. Whether you work in a crowded work office or live near a crowded place, buying noise-canceling earbuds can aid you in these problems. You can use them when working so you may completely focus on your work. Some people are also using them to block noise when sleeping and we should say that they are quite helpful as they block all the noise.

Good true wireless earbuds with the noise-canceling features will cost you a lot but we suggest you carefully research before investing a big sum of amount in them. There are many models available by many brands that do not fulfill their advertised statements but also not sound good as they should.

The Best Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds

According to hip digital media suggested noise-canceling earbuds, Airpods Pro, Sony WF-1000XM3, and Amazon Echo Buds are three great noise-canceling earbuds that you can grab today.

Airpods Pro is good at the noise-canceling ambient sound, you can switch it on by pressing the force button which is available on both earpieces. other than this you can also turn it on and off from the setting of your iPhone. The apple watch also has the option to switch it on and off.

The external microphone and the internal microphone both detect noise at all the frequencies and the system inside the earpieces cancels them. There are two modes, one is advertised as transparency mode, in this mode the earbuds make the noise canceling off and you can hear the outside sounds. Before using the noise-canceling feature in AirPods you need to make sure they are fitted correctly otherwise the company claims that this feature won’t be effective as it should.

Sony advertises its truly wireless earbuds with HD QN1E chipset and according to the maker this chip is fitted inside the earpiece specifically to take care of the noise-canceling feature which promises very good results. This chip is not only very effective at canceling ambient sounds but also produces great sound performance. Additionally, it operates using very low energy as compared to other top models. Before going forward, It is important to advise that when you turn on the Active Noise Cancellation, It will use some amount of energy hence giving you less back up time as compared to without it. That’s the reason, many manufacturers write down rated battery backup time with active noise cancellation and without it on the specs sheet.

Furthermore, Amazon’s Echo Buds are also one of the best true wireless earbuds with excellent noise reduction feature. They come equipped with Bose’s noise-canceling technology. Each earpiece consists of 3 mics, one is inside and two are fitted outside of them. These earphones make it sure that the maximum amount of noise is canceled. Additionally, they have many more premium features like Alexa assistance, long battery life, and many more. Under $100, They are a great pick to consider when you are looking for a pair of noise-canceling earbuds. For further options, check out these best noise-canceling earbuds!.

Importance of True Wireless Earbuds for Workout Sessions

It would be a foolish thought if we underestimate the power of music for our work out sessions. A dedicated exercise person can understand the importance of music while doing gym sessions. The heart-thumping music not only makes your work out sessions an enjoyment but also inspire you to do little more. It is now scientifically proved that the people who listen to music tracks whether it is their favorite music or specific music designed with bass sounds for elevating the inspiration for getting muscled body, they end up doing more exercise than their limit.

Before the invention of truly wireless earbuds, There were two methods that were popular among such types of people. One was the bulky over-ear headphones where you could listen to your favorite music while doing work out. And the second one was the speakers that are popular in the gym’s and all members are forced to listen to the same music.

The truly wireless earbuds not only revolutionized the way for listening to music but also gave the choice to the members of the gym. Now they simply need to plug in their tiny pair of earpieces and start running on a treadmill while listening to their favorite music. These true wireless earbuds also allow them to block all the noise which is common in the gym rooms and they can focus only on their music and for sure exercise too.

If you are looking for headphones specifically for work out whether it is a running exercise or any other type of fitness activity there are specific sets of features you need to consider. The manufacturers have picked up this segment and have provided a solution for such kind of activities by introducing true wireless earbuds with waterproofing, extra secure fit, and rugged models.

What Are the Best Headphones for Fitness Workouts and Running Exercise

As advised at hip digital media best running headphones, Jaybird Vista and Beats Powerbeats Pro are the best running headphones you can buy today. Let’s discuss the features that make them best picks for the workouts.

At the price stage of $180, you get Jaybird Vista in three different colors: Black, Nimbus Gray, and Planetary Green. In workout sessions, there is always a worrisome of your headphones falling to the earth which can break sensitive electronic parts inside them and ruin your all investment that you made on your headphones for workouts. But this is not the case with Jaybird Vista as they are advertised as earth proof. They are made that they can easily bear the strong force applied when they fell out of your ears. You no longer need to worry about this problem. Additionally, They are IPX7 waterproof rated. Whether it is sweat or rainwater when you are out for running you do not need to be worried about getting them to break. The little hooks on earpieces give you extra secure fit which can face even when you are doing a jumping exercise. Moreover, you get 6 hours of battery life with only earpieces but the case gives you 10 hours of extra battery backup that is quite good for such kind of in-ear headphones. We think they are the best headphones you can get for your workouts even they are expensive but their features are premium and luxury and it will solve all your problems at the time workout sessions.

Beats Powerbeats Pro is your pick if you are a fan of Apple products. These headphones are specifically made for targeting the athletes. To provide a secure fit, they have over-ear hooks. They not only promise extra secure fit but also look good on your ears. The pair is available in various different colors and all are attractive looking. you have options to buy them in black, ivory, navy and moss color. They give you 9 hours of battery time with each recharge and this time can be extended to 24 hours with the support of its power case. The chip inside them is Apple’s most advertise H1 which is also fitted in their crown true wireless earbuds named Airpods Pro. This chip not only promises you a wide range of connectivity to your streaming device but also provides crystal clear sound. Even though they are expensive at the price tag of $250, They are still worth buying if you are inside the Apple’s ecosystem. They are the best headphones that you can connect with your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. The truly wireless earbuds are totally compatible with all Apple products and works flawlessly.


After reading this guide, we hope now our readers are well educated and ready to buy their true wireless earbuds confidently. The information provided in this article is all that you need when going to buying the next pair of in-ear headphones for yourself. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, our experts will try their best to answer them with the most accurate information.


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