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P2P Next

NextShare Content Distribution Platform of P2P-Next Project Released for Global Trials

NextShare Content Distribution Platform of P2P-Next Project Released for Global Trials

Brussels, September 27th 2010

The latest August release of the NextShare P2P (Peer-to-Peer) based content distribution
platform is now available at the project’s web site. New features include an UPnP Suite,
Subtitles gossiping and the latest implementation of libswift, a new solution to replace
TCP-IP as the transport protocol for content delivery. The open-source NextShare
platform has been developed by the EC funded P2P-Next project currently exhibiting at
the ICT2010 event in Brussels Expo, Hall 7, stand R4-09 (Zone R4 – ICT Connects) during

The latest features of the NextShare release can be tested globally as a part of the "labs"
project in Wikimedia sites, for details see


P2P-Next in a nutshell:
P2P-Next will develop an open source, efficient, trusted, personalized, user-centric and
participatory television and media delivery mechanism with social and collaborative
connotations using the emerging P2P paradigm, which takes into account the existing EU
legal framework.
The P2P-Next project will run over four years, and plans to conduct large-scale technical
trials of new media applications running on a wide range of consumer devices. If
successful, this ambitious project could create a platform that would enable audiences to
stream and interact with live content via a PC or set top box. In addition, it is our
intention to allow audiences to build communities around their favourite content via a
fully personalized system.
The project has an open approach towards sharing results. All core software technology
will be available as open source, enabling new business models. P2P-Next will also
address a number of outstanding challenges related to content delivery over the internet,
including technical, legal, regulatory, security, business and commercial issues.
P2P-Next is partly funded by the European Commission under grant FP7-IST-216217.