Best Wireless Earbuds

With the release of the Apple air pods, there has been a sudden interest in earbuds and everyone is clamoring to get their own models. While the Apple model is expensive and is suitable only with the iOS interface, there are several players in the market currently who offer wireless earbuds in a varying price range and with several additional features. And the best part is that you don’t need an Apple product you use them.

But as is the case with too much choice, not everyone knows how to choose the best wireless earbuds. There are still many who are naïve and need help. If you belong to the group of the eager-to-learn-and-own category just read on before you get your hands on your own set of earbuds.

The technology behind Best Wireless Earbuds

It is not necessary to understand the technology in detail but it helps to know which technology your earbuds are built on and what are its advantages and disadvantages. The most popular technology is Bluetooth as everyone knows but there are there other types that you must be aware of.

Infrared: This technology is predominantly used in TVs and remote controllers but there are still some models which use this technology for earphones. The biggest challenge to this technology is that the transmitter and the headset must be in line with each other. This limits the distance and the angle of use and makes them unsuitable for our purpose.

Radio frequency: This is better than infrared but not good enough and is limited by distance and interference. It is not secure like Bluetooth either.

NFC: This technology can function when the two devices are in close proximity to each other. But again this is limited to NFC enabled devices only and cannot be used with all phones.

Bluetooth: This is the best and most in vogue technology for wireless earphones. This has a very large range of up to 32 feet, is secure and almost all electronic devices that are currently manufactured are incorporated with Bluetooth technology.

How does Bluetooth work in earbuds?

The Bluetooth enabled devices to come with inbuilt control buttons. Hence, you can control your music, the volume and even shuffle the tracks just with the touch of a button. You need not reach your phone each time you wish to make a change. Some earbuds come with microphones to allow you to take calls once again with the touch of a button.

Which version of Bluetooth technology must one choose?

Bluetooth uses short wavelength radio waves between 2.4 to 2.485 GHz frequencies. It took four years since its invention in 1994 for this technology to hit the market. The first version is practically nonexistent; the second version released in 2004 is very popular before the more prevalent Bluetooth 4.x hit the market in 2010.

So, it is quite common to find devices with Bluetooth 4.x and its variations. They support low energy devices like the smartphones and other wearable devices and do not have any of the connectivity issues that plagued the earlier versions.

While looking for Bluetooth enabled earbuds you must ensure that the earphones that you buy are supported by Bluetooth 4 and above; just ensure that your mobile device also has the same version. Remember the higher the version the better the compatibility, connectivity, security, battery life, and speed. Bluetooth 5.x is the next version that is currently compatible only with Galaxy S8 and iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Must have featured on Best Wireless Earbuds

Look for these features before you finalize to have a pleasant experience with your earbuds.

  • Design and Layout: In the zeal to possess the latest gadget in the market do not forget the purpose for which you are buying it in the first place. Any pair of wireless earbuds or earphones is meant to make your life less cumbersome and free from the shackles of
  • tangled wired. But in that process, you must not forget to pay attention to the design and layout of the earbud. Most of the earbuds on the market are designed purely for aesthetic value without any thought to the practicality. You must ensure that you are able to easily access the controls when you wear the earbuds and not search frantically for them. Choose a layout that is easy and comfortable to reach during use.
  • Sweat Proof: Unless you are sitting in an air-conditioned room all the time and listening to your music, most people buy earbuds to use them while outdoors and while exercising. As a result, the gadget is exposed to sweat which will eventually reduce the lifespan of the earbuds if you do not diligently clean them after every use. It is, therefore, recommended that you choose a sweat proof model that so many athletes use. This will ensure that the infinite minute parts within the earbuds are not damaged by the moisture that seeps in.
  • The shape of the earbuds: Every individual is different and so are the shapes and sizes of ears that they have. Hence, when you buy a pair of earbuds you must ensure that you are buying the correct shape and size. It is especially important with earbuds and in-earphones than headphones because ill-fitting earbuds will fall off during use besides providing limited noise isolation and elimination. Most brands of repute, therefore, provide multiple ear tips to ensure a firm fit.
  • Ability to handle calls: Earbuds are expensive when compared to the regular earphones and headphones and hence must have multiple functions. A good set of earbuds will not only produce high-quality music but will be able to handle calls and provide clear audio; not all earbuds are designed to handle calls. Of course, if your sole purpose is for music you can look at models which give mediocre call support.

Time to buy

Saddled with this information you can confidently go ahead and purchase the best wireless earbuds in the market. Remember a good pair will not only enhance the quality of the music you hear but will also protect your ears from damage usually caused by long hours of earbud use.

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